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The CP-MPG-220 Volt Mini Split Condensate Pump is an automatic condensate removal solution specifically designed for mini split air conditioning systems. This pump operates at 220v/1Ph/ 50-60Hz, with 75 watts of power and a 0.5 amp rating. 

Capable of a maximum lift of up to 17ft/5.2m, it ensures efficient and reliable condensate removal. We invite you to choose this product for its performance, durability, and adaptability to your mini split system.

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Power and Efficiency

One of the key aspects of the CP-MPG-220 Volt Mini Split Condensate Pump that sets it apart is its power and efficiency. 

With an electrical rating of 220v/1Ph/ 50-60Hz, this pump provides ample power for effective condensate removal. Its 75 watt rating ensures optimal operation without excessive energy consumption. When it comes to spare parts for your mini split AC, efficiency is key, and this pump delivers just that.

High Lift Capability

The lift capability of a condensate pump is crucial in determining its effectiveness. The CP-MPG-220 Volt Condensate Pump excels in this aspect with a maximum lift of up to 17ft/5.2m. 

This ensures that the condensate water generated by your mini split air conditioning system can be effectively removed from your premises, even in challenging installation scenarios.

Safety Switch and Tubing

Safety is paramount when dealing with electrical appliances. The CP-MPG-220 Volt Condensate Pump is equipped with a safety switch that minimizes the risk of any potential electrical hazards

Additionally, the included tubing ensures a hassle-free setup, making this pump an excellent choice for technicians and installers of mini split systems.


The CP-MPG-220 Volt Condensate Pump operates at a voltage of 220v. This makes it compatible with a wide range of mini split air conditioning systems, broadening its applicability and making it a versatile choice for your mini split spare parts needs.

Elevate Your Comfort! Upgrade to our Mini Split Condensate Pump!

So why should you buy this Condensate Pump? It’s simple: the CP-MPG-220 Volt Condensate Pump combines power, efficiency, high lift capability, and safety features into a single, reliable product. 

Its compatibility with a wide range of mini split AC systems makes it an ideal choice for technicians and installers. Make your mini split maintenance tasks easier and more efficient with the CP-MPG-220 Volt Condensate Pump!

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