A Customizable, Energy-Efficient Cooling Solution

Mini splits provide a flexible and economical alternative to traditional central air conditioning systems. With the ability to adjust temperatures in each room according to your needs, our mini splits offer an ideal solution for homes and businesses alike.

Designed with energy efficiency at the forefront, our mini splits utilize advanced technology to help you save on your energy expenses. The systems feature a variable-speed compressor that self-adjusts to optimize energy consumption and reduce noise. Their removable air filters ensure clean air circulation and can be easily cleaned. Plus, with the integrated timer, you can set your preferred temperature and conserve energy while you’re not around.

Easy to set up, our mini splits come with a range of accessories to simplify the installation process. Whether you require an indoor or outdoor installation kit or a ductless model for locations without ductwork access, we’ve got you covered. Constructed for durability and reliability, our mini split systems are a superb choice for long-term cooling needs.

Mini Split Dimensions: A Fit for Every Space

Our mini splits are available in a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every space. Each unit’s dimensions are meticulously designed for efficient performance, while fitting neatly into your living or working environment.

Regardless of the size or layout of your space, our mini split systems provide a practical and effective cooling solution, merging seamlessly into your room without compromising on functionality or aesthetics.

Mini Splits measurements.

Mini Split Confort Total heat pump standard


Mini Split Confort Total heat pump inverter wifi


Mini Split Confort Total heat pump inverter