Unleash Optimum Performance with Coil Temperature Sensor

Maximize the efficiency of your mini split air conditioner with our premium-grade Coil Temperature Sensor Assembly Standard.

This gadget is specially made to perfectly measure the temperature, helping your air conditioner work smoothly and effectively.

No matter the size of your air conditioner or the type of power it uses, this sensor will help it run smoothly all year long.

Think of it as a helpful little tool for your small air conditioner that you can trust to work properly and do a great job.

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Perfect Fit for Different Tonnage

Our Coil Temperature Sensor Assembly Standard comes in variants for 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton, and 3 Ton air conditioning units. This extensive compatibility ensures a perfect fit for your specific AC tonnage, thus, providing optimal performance. 

Every AC unit, irrespective of its tonnage, requires accurate temperature sensing for effective cooling. With our premium sensor, you can enjoy uninterrupted cooling during those warm summer days.

Superior Dual Voltage Compatibility

To cater to a wide array of mini split AC units, our coil temperature sensor is designed with dual voltage compatibility.

No matter if your air conditioner runs on 110 volts or 220 volts, this sensor can effectively detect changes in the temperature of the coils. It then sends the right signals to your AC system.

This feature makes it an all-round solution, fitting seamlessly into your unit, irrespective of the voltage system.

Premium Build Quality

Quality matters when it comes to the parts that keep your AC running smoothly. This Coil Temperature Sensor Assembly Standard is built with premium materials that ensure durability and reliability

It can withstand intense heat and pressure, providing accurate readings over prolonged usage. With this sensor, you’re not just getting a spare part; you’re investing in the longevity of your air conditioner.

Accurate and Efficient Operation

At the core of our sensor’s design is the promise of accuracy and efficiency. It measures the coil’s temperature with utmost precision, sending precise readings to your AC’s control system. 

This ensures your air conditioner is operating at its peak efficiency, saving energy and providing the cooling comfort you desire.

Why Choose the Coil Temperature Sensor Assembly Standard?

Maintaining your mini split air conditioner is crucial for optimal performance, and every component plays a vital role. The Coil Temperature Sensor Assembly Standard is not just a replacement part, but an important component that helps your AC unit work more effectively.

This sensor is compatible with many models, made with high-quality materials, and provides accurate performance. It’s a great investment to make sure your air conditioner lasts long and works reliably.

Get better cooling comfort with the Coil Temperature Sensor Assembly Standard today.

Repairing a mini split and using a Coil temperature sensor.

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1 Ton, 1,5 Ton, 2 Ton, 3 Ton


110v, 220v

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